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Our Clients

For 36 years, WRAMSCO has provided corporations, associations and government bodies with financial services that involve expert testimony, forensic claim reviews, specialized third party administration, legacy claim resolution and consulting services.  WRAMSCO has worked with such companies as Advocate and Lutheran General Hospitals, University of Chicago, TTC, Western Waste Industries, Spiegel, Career Education, Fast Motors, Duchossois Industries, RA Bright and Village of Bolingbrook to name a few.  Contact us to join the companies and organizations that have saved substantially by choosing WRAMSCO. 



Your Team 

WRAMSCO's consulting and auditing team has a well-deserved reputation of excellence that will work with your personnel to accomplish the goals established for your continued success.  Licensed in program administration, third party administration and specialty brokerage, WRAMSCO is the smarter choice for the complexities of claim and risk management, risk and finance transfer, forensic claim reviews and legacy claim resolution.  We have developed trustworthy relationships with physicians, rehabilitation experts, attorneys, and investigators when collaboration is needed to provide our clients with the best in the business.


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Whether you're in need of program design, your first audit or solid negotiations to resolve a long term liability, we approach every client with integrity and advocacy to accomplish the goals established for success.  Contact us to discuss your needs and goals.  630-960-1020.

Participating Policies

Developing customized programs to enhance your financial position, we provide specialized services, consulting and third party administration designed for participating policies.

More than a comprehensive skill you and your company can use.


WRAMSCO was established in 1981 as the only national insurance consulting & claim auditing company that specializes in developing risk finance and transfer programs for large corporations and self insureds in need of participating-type protection for casualty exposure.

WRAMSCO's founder, Thomas Walker, exhibited leadership and success prior to embarking on the previously mentioned entrepreneurship as a regional manager for the fourth largest insurance company with a staff of over 2,000 employees in 44 branches.  Shortly after establishing WRAMSCO, he became a renowned expert in his field and as such, WRAMSCO is accepted by the Appellate Court as an expert in insurance matters.  WRAMSCO's experience allows its clients' the edge needed in negotiations and litigation, having established new laws as a result.

WIN, WRAMSCO's Information Network was later developed as the need for a state of the art EDP system became evident.  This information network remains ahead of its competition in the management of claims, investigation and development of financial data. 

About Us


WRAMSCO's Information Network remains at the forefront of claim & risk management, providing clients with well needed real time information.

Forensic Medical Evals

WRAMSCO pioneered the use of forensic medicine; answering questions, resolving issues & combatting fraud to improve your bottom line.

Forensic Claim Review

Beyond the claim & risk management audits proposed by brokers, insurance companies & TPAs, WRAMSCO is the leading expert in negotiation & resolution.



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